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Hi Friends,

I thought I’d take photos this week of all the foods I prepped ahead of time last night – instead of doing a video.  I love prepping ahead of time.  The kids dip into healthy foods after school so they don’t overeat junk.  What you see below is:

Turkey chops with Asian Peanut marinade, chicken tenders with Sesame Teriyaki – w/ Agave Nectar, more turkey chops with Cuban Lime marinade, then more chicken with Greek Feta dressing as marinade.  These are all lean proteins but offer 4 different flavor profiles to switch it up each meal.

Then I washed all the berries and took of stems; bought tangerines and put them in a pretty bowl; and steamed carrots, green beans and cauliflower.  I also washed nectarines and plums for the week and put them out.

Yummy food.  I’ve said this before and it is worth repeating.  When I make a colorful, healthy plate to eat, so many people comment on how inviting and delicious it looks.  It really is yummo too – so why not prep your week?!?!

Here’s to your health!

asian peanut marinade

Turkey chops with Asian Peanut Sauce for marinade












teriyaki chicken tenders

Chicken tenders w/ agave nectar

turkey chops cuban lime marinade

Turkey chops w/ Cuban Lime marinade

turkey greek marinade

Chicken w/ Greek Feta dressing as marinade


Colorful berries & cantaloupe ready to eat!


Tangerines for snackin’


Steamed baby carrots.

green beans


Cauliflower – could be made into mashed “potatoes”!

nectarines and plums

Nectarines & plums to “grab n go”


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