Grace Full Heart Weight Loss

WINNING in WEIGHT LOSS! YOU can win too! Journey with me to find out HOW!

Hi Friends!

Thank you for checking out my blog!  I am typically a happy, content person who feels peace even in times of strife because of my strong faith.  I have known for a long time that God was going to use my struggle with weight and dieting my whole life for something good.  NEVER in a zillion years would I think I’d be writing a blog and putting it all out there for the world to see.  Oh well.  When He puts something on my heart, I do it!

About me in general.  I would say I am truly lacking for nothing much. I am gratefully and very happily married to my best friend and soul-mate, Chris VanVliet. He is SO good to me.  We have a healthy, upbeat, respectful marriage and we both love and appreciate the other one immensely.  We both agreed we wanted someone who could us “faults and all” for life.  (One day I will have to blog about our healthy marriage!)


Chris, my Hubby, BFF, and Soulmate!

God also gifted me greatly as mom of two middle-schoolers – Casey, my 14-year-old sweetie-pie, 8th grade daughter, and Matty my 12-year-old athletic, giant-hearted, sixth grade son. I’m also step-mom to 19-year-old Ryan who is “all-grown-up” and living on his own in Florida.

Casey 8th grade picture


Matty 6th grade picture (12 year old)


Our cozy family enjoys our life in Severna Park, Maryland which is somewhere between Baltimore and Annapolis, MD and not too far from Washington, D.C. as well. Parker is our sweet, angelic little Sheltie. He is so well-behaved sometimes we don’t even realize he’s in the room standing right next to us!

Our family laughs a lot and prays a lot together. We enjoy all kinds of outings and events but we enjoy being home laughing with each other just as much too. About a year ago, my daughter showed me a series of texts on her smart phone, and I noticed her tagline was, “Live Like the VanVliets“! It was heartwarming to know she thinks we have a great life as a family. I thanked God that day.

I was adopted at an early age and believe God has watched over me my entire life. Even through my roughest times, I’ve always known He was there for me. I have a passion for encouraging others to find what God-given gifts they have and to maximize those gifts to live a life worthy of all that God has called them to be!

I do have one area that has troubled me my whole life however, and THAT is the main focus of my blog! I believe it’s an area that troubles many, many, many people in the same way it troubles me. There’s lots of SHAME associated with it and so many people keep silent while suffering. Those same people wear a mask of a big ol’ smile to the outside world. I plan to lay it all on the line on this blog. I hope that you will join me if you have found yourself with the same struggle. I hope you join me in discussion via the comments section!

Oh yeah, what’s the struggle…?!?!?!  Eating like a naturally thin person.  I’m striving to find out what that is and follow suit!  Find out how I do!!  Oh yes, will you pray for me?!?!?

Grace and peace to you!


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