Grace Full Heart Weight Loss

WINNING in WEIGHT LOSS! YOU can win too! Journey with me to find out HOW!

Hi Friends♥,

Each week I will be reporting via this blog how I did for the week and blogging whether or not I followed my new WAY of eating = Eating Like A Naturally Thin Person!!   I will not be doing a “WEIGH-IN” but a “WAY-IN” report.

What that means is that I will answer every day as to whether or not I ate H.I.S. Design that day and report back at the end of the week.  I will also report how much weight I lost.  H.I.S. Design Eating explained below:

1)  I ate ONLY when I was Hungry
   * meaning, I waited until my stomach literally, physically felt hungry and not before.

2)  Did I eat Intentionally
* meaning, I ate what I really wanted to eat and took my time eating it and enjoying it.

3)  Did I eat ONLY the amount that made me feel Satisfied, not stuffed?
* meaning, if my stomach was a gas tank and 0 was empty & 10 was full, did I stop eating at a 5?

◊ I will also be tracking whether or not I Moved More or Exercised each day and give you an update each week.

Disclaimer: H.I.S. Design Eating (coined by Cathy Weymouth from – a fantastic, Christian based program for Permanent Weight Loss).


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